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29 April 2008 @ 06:55 pm
*has a spaz*  
Dear LJ,

Fuck you! Ive had to change my lj, check my friends list, go on another computer and now you've made me change it to open posts instead of all friends only.
I dont want it to not be friends only. There are reasons why i made this shit friends only.
It hasnt shown any of my posts since the 17th of fucking April
(which by the way, some of you should check out. One of the last posts has the wierdest video thing in there. its great)


No fucking love, jess

PS> if any of you can read this, please tell me. And if you can, ill ty work at the friends only thing again.)

This will be kept open until i find a way to make friends only work. Or you can see my entries with it on. Will be deleted if it works
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